Flying Chili Peppers Balloon Company, LLC

Other Balloons

Flying Chili Peppers also operates 3 other balloons:  ‘Shroom With a View,’ ‘The Little Pirate’ and a 260,000 cubic foot ride balloon.

‘Shroom With a View’ was manufactured by Air Adventures in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2004.  ‘Shroom’ is 120,000 cubic feet, 120 feet tall and weighs in at 577 pounds!

‘The Little Pirate’ was also manufactured in Brazil in 2004.  Amazon Balloons built this 110 foot tall balloon.  A little boy, dreaming of becoming a pirate, sets sail in an 80 foot wide barrel for a boat and take his cat (since he has no parrot) along for the ride.  This balloon is 108,000 cubic feet and weighs 515 pounds — pretty heavy for a little boy!!!