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Sponsoring a balloon at a ballooning event can be a unique and rewarding way to bring attention to your business.  Balloons are a unique marketing tool and always garner attention!

Compared to a national ad campaign or sponsorship at similar events (such as a NASCAR race or other major sporting event) balloon programs are quite cost-effective.  A balloon attracts attention simply by flying over a crowd and an area – at a NASCAR race, the sponsor’s name is moving at 100+ miles an hour and only really gets seen if the driver the sponsor is in a crash or wins the race.  Additionally, a major component of a hot air balloon marketing program is to actively involve the company representatives in the sport and to give them the chance to ride in a hot air balloon – how many NASCAR sponsors can say they rode in the car during the race or played on the field during the game?

The largest ballooning event in the world is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, held the first full weekend of October each year.  It is the most photographed event in the world and consistently draws crowds of close to 1,000,000 people.  Sponsorship for this event is very lucrative – television stations throughout the country cover the event (including national networks) and coverage runs into 30+ hours.  Additionally, the hundreds of thousands of spectators at the event see all of the balloons … many of them up-close and personal.  The event draws spectators and balloonists from all over the world with some large corporate sponsorships.  Companies like GM, Intel, Bacardi, EverReady, BDL, AAA and Hershey (as well as many others!) use balloons as marketing tools at this event and many others as integral parts of their marketing programs.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is not the only ballooning event in the world.  Events are held all over the United States and the world.  Sponsorships are available at any ballooning event and specific balloons can be contracted to attend events on behalf of your company.

Ballooning events are held not only throughout the United States, but throughout the world.  Unlike NASCAR, drag racing, or other professional sports, ballooning is an up-close, touch and feel, no rules or fences, hands-on sport.  Pilots welcome the public to come up to the balloons to take photos, talk to the pilot and crew and become a part of the balloon experience.  The balloons move at the mercy of Mother Nature, allowing spectators to enjoy their massive and distinct beauty.

La Ristra is a unique hot air balloon, which makes it very photogenic. During the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, La Ristra is a crowd and media favorite garnering hours of television time. She has even appeared on CNN and the Early Show. Photographs of La Ristra have made it to postcards, New Mexico magazine, and Balloon Fiesta calendars.   La Ristra has also flown in the Lorraine Mondial Air Balons in France, receiving international attention.

One of the marketing strategies of a balloon program is to give prospective clients or customers rides in the balloon at these huge events drawing all the spectators. Not only is the logo visible on the balloon, and resembles a product, but the client is being treated to a ride many people would not get to do in their lifetime. How many people could miss a 128 foot tall flying billboard that moves at an average of three miles per hour?! It is as tall as a twelve story building!  Additionally, La Ristra is transported in a twelve foot long trailer which can be used as a rolling billboard.  Flying Chili Peppers Balloon Co. also has a regular shape 90,000 cubic foot sport balloon as well as a 17-foot tall remote control balloon, both having banner capabilities, to complete your balloon program package.


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